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Cleans Up Pet & Children Accidents
such as Vomit, Blood, Urine, Soda, Juice, or Any Other Excessive Liquids

Leaves Area Dry, Clean, and Deodorized

Absorbs through the NATURAL Power of Cellulose

Releases a NATURAL Eucalyptus Scent

Super Absorbs Up to 100X its own weight in liquid

 Each Price :
12 oz. Shaker Can
$ 12.44 /each can
 Each Price :
12 oz. Shaker Can

$ 11.20 /each can

 Case Price :
6 / 12 oz. Shaker Cans
$ 74.65 / case
 Case Price :
6 / 12 oz. Shaker Cans

$ 67.20 / case


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