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If you are a “Charity” or “Not-for-Profit” organization,
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For 10 years, HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS, has been dedicated to promoting health and well-being in your community – its schools, workplaces, religious institutions, health care facilities, and homes . Through using “Green” , Bio-based Alternatives, our SUCCESS within indoor environments is your SUCCESS too . Let’s celebrate our good fortune by sharing it with one of your registered “ Charitable ” or “ Not-for-profit ” organization listed below ONLY on this website from our "Organization Table". Your "Charity" or "Not-for-profit" will benefit by shopping down our "POPULAR PRODUCTS" aisles in our e-Store .

As our valued customer , HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS, will donate 10% of your purchase today , before tax and shipping, to your listed "Charity" -or- "Not-for-Profit" on this website . Read the " Profile" and " Mission Statement " of any of these specific organizations just by "clicking" its name . Donate your 10% of purchase to one of these " Charities " - or- " Not-for-Profit " Organizations by SELECTING its associated "Code" number from our "List of Organizations " . Then, ENTER this code into the "Charity Code Field" on the FINAL "Check Out" Page after making your purchase . Please encourage family, friends, and neighbors in your community to do the same to support your favorite listed charity . We hope to donate considerable amounts of monies to your choice .

WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE : In the event your favorite " Charity " or " Not-for-Profit " is NOT listed , please ask a recognized administrator or official at your favorite “Charity” or “Not-for-Profit” to " REGISTER " their organization using the LINK above. Registration is FAST, EASY, and at NO COST to them . We encourage these organizations to link their respective website to ours so contributions can continually grow !

REMEMBER !… Just select a “Charity” or “Not-for-Profit” from the list below and when you check out, Enter The Associated Code Number from the Corresponding Organizational List Below into the “charity code field” on your checkout form .

HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS wishes to THANK YOU for contributing to make Our Planet A Healthier, Safer,and Better Place to Live !


Charity Code Name Of Organization
CH4 Dump & Run
CH6 Easter Seals Central PA
CH12 Grassroots Environmental Education
CH9 LI Nature Collaborative for Kids (LINCK)
CH1 Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc
CH7 OLA of Eastern Long Island, Inc.
CH16 Smithtown Community Band
CH15 Stand Up for Those Who Can't
CH5 Starflower Experiences
CH11 U-NOW Day Nursery
CH2 ValleyProud Environmental Council
CH13 Warbasse Nursery School
CH8 Woodbine West HOA


HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS reserves the right to discontinue this offer ; or change the terms and conditions of this offer, without prior written notification to the General Public on this website . Additionally, HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS will make best efforts to honor this donation commitment but cannot be held legally liable or responsible for any misunderstandings between the Company and Organizations; and/or between the Company and General Public. HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS will be held harmless in any event .


  • Any US 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit organization is to register for this program . Healthy Clean Buildings will verify their non-profit status at before sending the donations on to them . If a “Charity” or “Not-for-profit” loses its “not-for-profit” status before HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS sends the donation, this surplus donation will be sent to one of the listed organizations at our discretion .
  • When you select a charity or “not-for-profit”, a cookie will be set on your web browser to remember the selection . For this memory process to work , you cannot have disabled cookies. To verify that it is working correctly , refresh this page and you should see a message about your selected charity . If you do not see mention of your charitable organization, please check that you do not have an active “cookie blocker” program . Also, watch for the same notice when you “check out ”. In the event that you do not see it , then return to this web page before checking out and select your charity again . If, for some reason, acknowledgement of your charitable organization still doesn’t appear, please state your “ Charity ” or “ Not-for-profit ” in the “ COMMENTS ” field of the check out form .
  • Donations will be sent out on or about the first business day of the month for charities that have earned $ 20.00 or more per month . If the amount earned is less than $ 20.00 cumulatively per month , the account will be settled up quarterly .
  • We encourage you to ask your “charity” or “not-for-profit” organization at any time to verify their donation from “HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS” . At their convenience, these organizations can log onto this website and confirm their donation from you .
  • This donation does NOT make your product purchase tax deductible . Tax deductible receipts are NOT available through HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS . Any tax deductions should be arranged through your “Charity” or “ Not –for-Profit” Organization .

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